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  • 1955: Lufthansa German Airlines begins an Ab-Initio pilot training program
  • 1967: Practical training contracted to Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA), in San Diego.
  • 1970: Program moves to Goodyear, Arizona.
  • 1992: Lufthansa purchases all assets from PSA Group. ATCA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Flight Training.

Fleet, Campus and Training Facilities

  • Bonanza Fleet

    26 Beechcraft F-33 Bonanza for advanced training (86:00 hrs. per student, CPL/IFR)

  • Bonanza Specs

    Complex, High Performance Aircraft Standardized IFR cockpits TCAD (traffic collision avoidance device) Retractable landing gear 285 horse power 160 knots cruise performance 4 passenger capacity

  • Perfect Weather

    Less than 5% missions lost due to WX

  • Grob Fleet

    6 Grob G-120A for the screening and initial flight training of German Airforce Pilots

  • Grob Specs

    Fully acrobatic used for training of the GAF TCAD Retractable landing gear Air-conditioned EFIS equipped 260 horse power 165 knots cruise 2 passengers

  • Ideal Location

    Plenty of unrestricted airspace. 25 training airports within 100 nautical miles of GYR

  • Frasca FNTP Trainers

    3 Frasca FNPTs for flight navigation procedure training (28:30 hrs. per student)

  • Frasca Specs

    Three channel projected visual utilizing a spherical screen with a field of view of 220º lateral and 60º vertical

  • Private Airstrip - Mobile, AZ

    4,500 ft runway (≈1,372 Meter), ILS (Instrument Landing System), Tower, Hangar, Aircraft Ramadas, Fuel Farm

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